What is our mission?


We stand for fair and sustainable fashion. We stand for equality and humanity and we don't want to limit with our things, we want to be limitless.

And that's why we offer our products for everyone - that's ÉGALITÉfor us.

What is our claim?


We are makers of possibilities: If you can't find a product in your size, please contact us - we will try to make it possible together with you.


For us, sustainability does not stop with the product. We make sure that everything that has to do with our product represents our values.

For example, our hangtags are made of vegan leather and are completely compostable, the knot on the hangtag is easy to undo and the safety pin is reusable.

We print our BONJOUR BEN cards in Germany with organic inks on recycled paper and much more.


We love people and that's why we support each other. So we donate a portion of our profits to other people who are also doing GOOD again and making our planet a little bit better.

Every month we will present a new project that we support.


We love sustainability and mindfulness, but we also love the journey as much as the destination. There is always potential to do things better and differently - but for us, the first step is important because every step matters.

It's not about perfection, it's about contributing what you want to contribute. We don't like judgements about other people, whether they are doing something quite right or not consistent enough yet.

We stand for TOLERANCE.

Who are we?

We are Markus & Carolin from Hamburg and the parents of Ben. We lived in Paris in the Marais for a long time and love the diversity that this city offers us and that inspires us again and again.

By the way, when we lived in France, Ben's first word was BONJOUR - that's how we got our name BONJOUR BEN.


From the moment we started looking into sustainability, we realized that there is hardly any cool and at the same time fair and sustainable children's fashion to buy.

So we started to design fashion for children ourselves. At the same time, we also noticed that there are a lot of restrictions in fashion, products are only offered up to size 42 or new product lines starting at size 42.

But we are of the opinion that it doesn't matter what size you wear, you should wear what you like and so our guiding principle ÉGALITÉ was born.

We try to make cool fair fashion for everyone - because we love people. We probably mentioned that before. But somehow it can't be said enough- so here it is again and to finish: WE LOVE PEOPLE and that's why our products are also MADE with LOVE. Fait avec amour, so to speak.